Friday, September 7, 2012

Gnome Door Tutorial

From time to time I will offer up a tutorial on Gnome carving and Gnome related things.  The previous post featured a Gnome Door.  Most folks will call these little doors Fairy Doors.  But since I carve Gnomes I'll call them Gnome doors.

To make the Gnome doors you'll need the following materials and tools:
1/4" birch plywood 2 7/8x4 1/4"  (2)
3/4" pine 2 7/8"x4 1/4"  (1)
Popsicle sticks (2)
Wood axle peg (1)
Scroll saw
Scratch awl
Straight edge

Here's a finished Gnome door:
1.  Scribe lines on one of the pieces of plywood 1/4" apart with a knife, from top to bottom.
2.  Layout and cut arched door way in the pine.  Leave 1/4" sides and top to the doorway.
3.  Place the scribed piece of plywood behind the cut out arched doorway.  Trace the inside of the arched doorway on the scribed plywood and cut the door out.
4.  Trace the outside of the arch onto the remaining piece of plywood, and cut.
5.  Assemble the back piece of plywood, arched door frame, and glue up as one piece.
6.  Mark, cut and fit door cross members from Popsicle sticks, and glue onto the door.
7.  Locate hole for door knob and drill.  Drill hole to fit wood axle peg.
8.  Glue door inside arched door way.
9.  Use a nail or an awl to poke small indents where nails might be placed in the door cross members.
10.  Apply wood gel stain, stain, or one of the stain and wax combos to the piece, and wipe off, leaving stain in the scribed lines of the door and the "nail holes".  Paint the axle hub white.
A.  Carve decorative door hinges from left over Popsicle, sticks paint and glue on door.
B.  Use a twig as the door frame, and change the shape of the door.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gnome Door

Latest creation!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beach Gnomes

Yep, they do exist.  This little fellow was found inside a 3 inch piece of Basswood.  After a bit of wax, he's got some protection.  Now his new home will be somewhere in a beach house near Indian Pass Florida.  I'll leave him kinda hidden, waiting to be found, by the next visitors to this beach house.